Network Cable(Cat6)500m Box Cat6 Outdoor



Network Cable(Cat6)500m Box Cat6 Outdoor

This cable is ideal for use and installation outdoors, for example in the garden, camping, on building facades, for connecting surveillance cameras and for similar applications. The cable sheath is resistant to weathering and UV radiation.
  • non-terminated data-/installation cable for processing and installation with LSA connection technology for Home-/outdoor usage
  • box includes CAT 6 Lan cable, Crimp tool, pack of cable ties (100pcs) and pack of loose RJ45 plugs (100pcs)
  • unshielded twisted-pair LAN cable
  • double outer jacket, UV and water resistant
  • suitable for Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbit) network
  • Meets requirements for SOHO applications (Small Office, Home Office) up to a max. transmission length of 70 m!

Network Cable(Cat6)500m Box Cat6 Outdoor

  • Shielded Cat6 outdoor cable is specially designed for use in outdoor applications. Cat6 shielded cable can be buried underground because its LLDPE jacket is waterproof, UV resistant, and animal and rodent resistant. The cable’s jacket is superior to standard PVC and will survive many years, even in harsh environments. 
  • If you want faster internet speeds, Cat6 is a good choice. It reduces something called “crosstalk” — signal transfers that disrupt your communication channels. If you are happy with your current internet speeds, however, Cat5 might be all you need. … Typically, Cat6 cables tend to be thicker than Cat5 cables.
  • Nevertheless, it is apparent that both Cat5 and Cat6 cables use the same end piece known as RJ-45, which is capable of connecting to Ethernet jack on a computer, router, etc. They can be plugged in to the same ports. Therefore, Cat6 cable works on Cat5 Network.
  • The main difference between cat5 and cat6 cables is reduced “crosstalk” and faster speeds in the transferring of data and connection. … Cat5 and cat6 cables both share the same end piece, the plug that connects them to their end destination, being a patch panel or a modem


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