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 Advantages of CCtv?

• security cameras enables the co-ordination of rapid response from a central control room;
• the facilitation, by means of the video recorded images, of the identification and arrest of suspects;
• assistance in the gathering of evidence;
• the facilitation of the processing and finalisation of cases, since suspects
generally plead guilty when confronted with hard evidence; and
serving as a deterrent to  would be offenders.

1. What does CCtv stand for?


It stands for Closed-Circuit Television.


This is a closed-circuit system because the signal is not openly transmitted as it is with broadcast television. The video cameras transmit the footage back to a set number of monitors.


Television in CCtv is the video camera which acts as the telecommunication medium which transmits moving images to the surveillance monitors.

2.  CCtv

This is a video system in which specifically placed cameras,  record video images and transmit these to a monitor/monitors, with only a small number of people having to access this information.

3. Uses

These are primarily used for security, monitoring and surveillance purposes.


In terms of security, the system can be used to monitor both public and private property security.


For monitoring and surveillance purposes, CCTV can be used to for investigation or crime prevention.


This is the future of Security. Every House, Company, Warehouse, Farm, School. Creche, premises needs 24/7 Security & this is the Solution. We provide 4/8/16 & 32 Channel DVR. You choose the number of Cameras you want according to the Angles you want to observe. Please note: for you to Observe from your Smart Phone, you need an Internet Data Router at your Premises. We do provide Internet Routers as well, if you require one. We are a ONE Stop Shop.

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