6U Wall Mount(Outdoor) Cabinet/Rack

6U Wall Mount(Outdoor) Cabinet/Rack/Heavy Duty
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6U Wall Mount(Outdoor) Cabinet/Rack. Cabinets in following sizes: 6U(Outdoor) to store your Routers/DVR etc. We deliver through-out the country. Quick, Fast, Efficient.

6U Wall Mount(Outdoor) Cabinet/Rack. This Server Cabinet is suitable for network servers, battery backups, switching banks, and other larger network equipment. The cabinet features laser knockouts allowing you to install fans, while removable slots provide numerous cable routing options.

  • Includes one locking convex door and one locking vented door
  • Removable locking side panels
  • 10” inside depth (Also available with a 22” depth)
  • Other sizes available: 15U, 22U, 27U, 42U
  • 1300 lb. weight capacity (Holds 800 lbs. on casters)
  • Includes preinstalled casters and levelers
  • Includes two sets of adjustable cage nut style mounting rails
  • Top includes removable laser knockouts
  • 6U Wall Mount(Outdoor) Cabinet/Rack


  • Features Optical Fibre Outdoor Cabinet
  • The traditional machine room is miniaturized and compact;the the volume and floor area are reduced;
  • According to the characteristics of communication equipment, small power temperature control by the cabin, high efficiency and energy saving;
  • Short construction period, less land occupation, wider application scope, and lower construction cost;
  • Three-point anti-theft cabinet door lock, excellent lock hole protection device Perfect air duct design to avoid the mixed flow of hot and cold gas effectively;
  • Access control, smoke, water immersion, temperature, and humidity, knocking and other comprehensive protection;
  • Air conditioning with the auxiliary system can effectively reduce the temperature in the cabinet;
  • Professional outdoor powder spraying, and strong weather resistance.

Features of Outdoor Rack Cabinet

  • Vented front door with three-point locking system and replaceable filter
  • Fully welded design for strength and durability
  • Adjustable 19″ mounting rails installed front and rear with RU markings
  • Front-mounted vertical cable management rings on both sides
  • Round cable glands with removable rubber covers on the base
  • High level polyurethane door joint strip
  • IP65 rated to protect it from rain
  • Earthing bar conveniently located at the front
  •  Various sensors, power distribution box, monitor, battery, etc, Optional.
  • Easily install the equipments into the cabinet through front door.
  • Support customized color.

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6U Outdoor Wall Mount

Heavy Duty 6U outdoor wall mounted server cabinets


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